Zoom Class Requirements:
You need the Internet connection (preferably not a slow speed connection!) The better the speed the easier it is to use the Zoom application. If your connection speed is too slow you will need your provider to increase your speed. HINT: If you can stream a movie you are good for Zoom!

Artists may use any kind of computer, smart phone or iPad or Tablet. Zoom.us is a free application. Download Zoom.us to your computer, iPad, iPhone or smart phone. The ZOOM website opens. You will see the word JOIN. CLICK ON IT! Enter the code. Morgan will see this and respond.

Once you register for the class Morgan will give you a numerical code. Use this code for each class. When you enter a class you are in the Waiting Room. Morgan will see your name in the waiting room. and invite you into the ZOOM STUDIO FOR CLASS. If your connection is lost you will need to send a text to Morgan. Morgan can re-admit you into the class session at the studio!

What you see during your Zoom class:
Morgan uses three to four cameras in her studio. One camera is on the palette. One camera is on the painting. Another camera is on Morgan as she speaks with you. One camera may be on the scene. The current location can alter the use of the number of cameras. Morgan also has photoshop running.

All painting demonstrations are seen as you wish. Split screen or full screen.

Zoom Critique In the Studio during class;

Critiques for each student. Each artist may submit a painting each class for critique. The following describes the manner in which critique is accomplished: The student submits an image of their painting via a text message or an email. Hopefully before class. MORGAN then takes the image of the painting. Morgan enters it into Photoshop and explains what she sees. Morgan will describe what positive areas are working to convey your story, If Morgan sees areas of your painting that requires changes to enhance your painting, suggestions will be made. The changes are made in photoshop. Now you can see the WHY and a possible solution. The Artist can witness the difference in the appearance of the painting with the suggestions that MORGAN makes for the painting. Each Artist has the opportunity to share their paining with the class so that each artist benefits from the information. Morgan emails the final critique to you that you’ve witnessed. Then you have the opportunity to apply it or not apply it to your painting. You receive a printout as a reference.

There are Painting Demonstrations on different topics for each class. During this period you may ask questions.
Morgan's picture

Class Days & Times:

There are 24 possible scheduled classes in the eight week period. The artists may select any day to attend, Or take more than one class during a week. However when the artist purchases the classes the artist purchased only 8 classes during the purchased 8 week petiod.

THE ARTIST PURCHASES 8 Classes for $400.00. You may take your classes consequently or enter any class during the 8 week period you purchased. The 8 week period begins the week you enter. Morgan will keep track. Once your 8 week period ends, classes are over or you may purchase another 8 week . There are no rollovers.

  • Tuesdays at 3pm:  

  • Wednesdays at 11 am:  

  • Thursdays at 7pm: