Fine Art Mentoring & Critique Program for the Artist

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If you have been looking for a Mentor to support you and show you a pathway to success this is the artist for you. The mentoring I received during the beginning of my career was invaluable. It made the difference for my success. When you need guidance you need it to continue your growth.

Morgan Samuel Price has taught over 3000 artists during her career. Many have gone on to paint and teach other artists with a Fine Art Career. Morgan has specialized in plein air and studio paintings. Morgan also has specialized in three mediums: oil painting, watercolor painting and pastel painting. Although known for her plein air oil paintings, Morgan would be the first one to tell you that exposure to numerous mediums and subject matter will grow your skills. The landscape artist must be ready to handle anything. That covers a lot of territory. Feeling that you can conquer the subject comes with the confidence of knowing the answers to the questions. Morgan enjoys sharing her knowledge to assist artists.
Organize your questions before you call. Have all work that is to be critiqued ready to view.

On-Line instruction requirements: In order to work with this Mentoring & Critique Program you will need: a cell phone, a computer or iPad or the equivalent to communicate your paintings to Morgan and her instruction to you.

Your questions will be met with a clear explanation for understanding how to meet your goals for each individual painting. To assist you on making correct choices to achieve your goals Morgan will suggest various solutions for you to consider.

When you need an answer or instruction for understanding the issues you face in your work, so you may go forward, that is the precise moment when you need an answer.

All facets of what you will require to be successful in your painting will be presented and demonstrated if necessary.

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Possible topics:
  • Critique on your paintings via Skype or Face Time.
  • Demonstration via Skype or Face Time
  • Professional advice on Marketing
  • Goal Building for your career
  • Gallery Hunting
  • Competitions
  • Exhibitions
  • How to Frame
  • Art Suppliers
  • How to Make Your Skills profitable.
  • How to Build a Business
  • How to Keep it Going against all odds
Five Hours of instruction, one on one $650.00 or you may chose one Hour of instruction, one on one $150.00

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